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About Associated Brands

Associated Brands is one of North America's largest suppliers of private label and co-manufactured dry package foods. Supplying products to over 80% of the major food retailers throughout the United States and Canada, we help leading food retailers bring their best ideas to life every single day.

From hot and cold beverages to sweeteners, side dishes, and desserts, bouillon and dry soup to cereals, baking, and cooking mixes, we have the expertise, the facilities, and the distribution capacity to help you compete against the biggest and best brands in the world.

Fully staffed R&D departments ensure that all Associated Brands products meet or exceed leading national brand quality and performance, and we provide thorough documentation of the design-output formulation, label information, and customer specifications, along with full regulatory compliance support.

One of our keys to success has been the speed with which we can match national brand introductions and reformulations. Our R&D team also leverages category trends and consumer insights to design new Customer Brand products that can be on shelves before comparative national brands launch. Our versatile manufacturing facilities enable unique product offerings, whether in formula, in packaging, or both.

We have a wide array of packaging formats available:

  • Flexible pouches
  • Rigid canisters
  • Cups
  • Sticks
  • Cartons
  • Sachets

To find out more about how Associated Brands can help you, please contact us.