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231 East Ave., Albion, NY 14411

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About CRFS Claims Recovery Financial Services


Claims Recovery Financial Services (CRFS), LLC is located at 231 East Avenue, Albion, NY.  Since our founding in 2002, we have grown to become the leader in claims processing solutions. Our unmatched quality, timeliness and experience will reduce losses, maximize recoveries and allow the reallocation of vital internal resources in order to increase our clients potential for generating capital. By offering a diverse mix of products and services, designed to function both independently or in a bundled approach, we increase the total value received on an investment made in us. 


Our promise to our clients is that we deliver quality work no matter the parameters. We will work diligently to maximize recoveries, meet industry deadlines and client expectations, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and regulatory compliance.  At CRFS, we are dedicated to staying ahead of complex and continuously changing regulations, providing expert consultation and above all, delivering undoubtedly better results.  Our management solutions are proven to increase recovery and operational productivity and our streamlined filing process is of the highest quality, ensuring compliance across all post-foreclosure default related services. Even with our quick turnaround, quality and compliance are never sacrificed. 


As industry experts, CRFS provides strong product knowledge for the services which are provided to our clients through the 100+ years of combined management experience. This exceptional knowledge has allowed us continual growth and has enabled us to be the leading provider for post foreclosure recovery needs.